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The Other Side of Water: Part II

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Angela left her flat at 8:30 in the morning. She loved living so close to the office which was one of the bonuses of moving to the apartment after her divorce. For twenty years she had lived with Steve out in the suburbs in what she now realised was a rather unhappy and very boring marriage.

She would still be with Steve and still be living in the suburbs if he hadn’t hit her with the bombshell of that he was leaving her. He said that he needed some space. That he needed to find himself and after the initial shock Angela thought he was probably right.

They got a quick divorce, sold the house and with her half of the proceeds, she was able to buy a lovely little apartment in the centre of the city. Angela loved her new life and she was determined to make up for all the wasted years she had spent with Steve out in the sticks.

She looked up her old friends and within weeks she had once again developed a buzzing social life. She started dating but was absolutely clear that this time around it was going to be FUN. She wasn’t interested in being with men her own age who really just wanted a shoulder to cry on and spent most of the evening talking about their ex-wives. 

She didn’t have time for any of this anymore and she didn’t want to waste what time she had. So her new rule was only to date men full of fun and with no baggage.

Angela sat at her desk, dealing with her emails and helping and advising her co-workers. She was the boss but she likes to think that she was liked and respected, and she was, but everyone knew there was a line not to be crossed.

It was Thursday and on cue, Eddie arrived from Water 2 you, the office’s bottled water supplier. Angela watched him. He was cute as hell with a great body. but Angela could see him become flustered when Kate the receptionist spoke to him. This happened every week and it was quite clear to Angela that he probably liked Kate a lot but had no idea, nor confidence as to ask her out.

As he approached Angela started her usual teasing and flirting which immediately had his face burning but she meant no harm and knew that Eddie wouldn’t be interested in someone like her. My God, she was probably the same age as his mother. But he was cute and so was Kate and at that moment Angela decided that she would do her best to get them together or at least on a first date.

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