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The Other Side of Water

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Chapter 1


9am Thursday morning and just like every 9am Thursday morning, the Water 2 You van pulled up outside the offices of Thornton & Co. Eddie, the delivery driver had been delivering water to Thornton & Co for almost a year now and he liked it. They were nice people. They always said good morning, they always offered a cup of tea, they always asked him how he was and they genuinely meant it.

Eddie loved working for Water 2 You because he looked upon every delivery as an opportunity to exercise. Since arriving from Australia the previous year the one thing he had missed was going to the gym with his mates. He could have joined one of the overpriced Gyms in London but it wouldn’t have been the same and also Eddie was quite careful with his money. So this job was exactly what he needed. It paid well and he got a workout every day.
Eddie loaded his trolley with the usual four 19 Litre bottles, locked up his van and as usual Kate the receptionist buzzed him in as he approached the door.
Kate greeted Eddie with her usual big smile and as usual Eddie, although he wanted to say so much more, just returned the greeting and walked on. It wasn’t that Eddie was shy and he certainly had plenty of experience with women back home but there was something about Kate. She was everything he wanted in a girl. She was blonde, blue eyed and in his eyes extremely beautiful and she had the confidence that only City girls seemed to have.

For almost a year now Eddie had wanted to get to know her. He wanted to ask her out but this Thursday, just like every Thursday the moment she buzzed and opened the doors he lost his nerve. There was no way, he thought, a sophisticated girl like Kate would go out with a van driver. There was no way someone as beautiful as Kate could fall for someone like him. He knew he was quite good looking but he was a country boy. Surely Kate would be looking for a lawyer or a city whizz kid type.
Just like every Thursday Eddie smiled at Kate and walked on by.

The Oasis Water Cooler at Thornton & Co was at the back of the large open plan office that employed about 20 staff. They all knew Eddie and they all greeted him. They were a nice bunch, all in their mid twenties except for the office manager, Angela.

Angela’s desk, the biggest, was right beside the Oasis Water Cooler. Eddie didn’t know if it was so Angela could keep track of how much the staff was drinking or how often the staff left their desks.

The thing about Angela was that Eddie didn’t get her. She was always complementing him on his physic. She was always inviting him out, always suggesting they do things together and always without fail making his face burn red.

To be continued…

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