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Water Delivery

Our 19L Bottled Water

Our natural spring water is sourced 160 meters below the green hills of Kent.
Our spring sits high above Tunbridge wells in a beautiful wooded glen. All our
water is bottled on site just meters away from the spring to preserve the fresh,
crisp quality of our natural spring water, nothing but perfection is accepted
throughout the bottling process.

The whole process from extraction to bottling takes place takes place on site,
leaving no carbon footprint. If only the best will do, Water 2 you provides a
discerning choice.

Our 19 Litre bottles are available to offices, businesses and homes within the
M25 with free delivery as standard.

19 Litre Bottle dimensions:
Height: 484.0mm – 490.0mm
Weight: 760gr – 790gr
Diameter of bottle : 267.0mm – 271.0mm
Diameter of Outer Neck : 54.8mm – 56.0mm

Price per bottle: £5.99
Free delivery
Minimum order 2 bottles

Small Water Packs 

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