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Why Should I Have A Water Cooler In My Home?

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Let me first say that absolutely no one in the United Kingdom needs a water cooler in their home. The water standards in the United Kingdom, a first world country, have long been established, upheld and are well above some other European country’s standards.

As a matter of fact, being lucky enough to grow up in Ireland in the 60’s one of my most enduring memories is of the absolutely beautiful clear, clean, fresh, delicious water coming straight from the tap. 

Of course, Ireland, being one of the wettest parts of these isles certainly guarantees a steady and constant refill of fresh rainwater into the beautiful scenic reservoirs and my memories are just before the Government got involved on a big scale interfering / improving the water quality.

All this lovely delicious fresh water is of course filtered and treated with various chemicals to kill micro bacterial bugs etc and some 10% of British households have Fluoride added to help prevent tooth decay which every study shows that it works. So why are so many today turning to the catastrophic (for the planet) choice of bottled water, at home in the fridge or on the desk at work?

Well, the reason is scarily quite simple – money and the massive advertising budgets used to get us to buy something that is intrinsically free and free from plastic packaging.

At last, we are wakening up to the reality of bottled water not being the best solution due to the plastic bottle. After all this time we’ve been buying bottled water because of companies convincing us that tap water is not filtered as thoroughly as bottled. Another method used is by trying to convince us that there are so many chemicals added to the water supply which could be, over time, harmful. 

Only now, is the issue of the damage being caused to the oceans and wildlife from the cavalier attitude most countries take when dealing with their waste. Although recycling has been promoted for years, the equivalent of a truckload of plastic is dumped into our oceans every minute of every day of every year.

This is a scandal that cannot continue and at last through campaigns such as the one being promoted by sky people are becoming more aware and maybe just maybe governments will take the action promised and required.

The question is this. For those who believe the companies dramatic statistics involving the overuse of toxic chemicals, added to the nations water supply and are therefore thoroughly convinced that only bottled water will do – we say fine but if you are going down the bottled water route then we say go down the 19 Litre reusable water bottled route.

Believe it or not, a water cooler supplied and installed by Water 2 You works out costing roughly the same as the equivalent quantity as supermarket bought water but with one massive benefit. Water coolers use reusable 19 Litre water bottles which with proper handling can last for years before needing to be replaced and in theory, could save 3150 supermarkets bought plastic bottles over the bottles lifetime, from ending up in the ocean or in a landfill.

The choice is clear if you’re going to use bottled water at home use a water cooler.

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