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Simple Steps To Becoming A Water 2 You Customer

Water Cooler Hire & Bottle Delivery Service - London

bottled water coolers for offices

Most of our customers come through our user-friendly website. We have spent a long time working with our skilled SEO Company on making it as clean and simple for clients to use and explore. In order to keep it that way, we have a dedicated team monitoring our website for any hic-ups or bugs which may interfere or slow down our website.
There are 3 ways of contacting our dedicated customer service team.

  1. Phone Call
  2. Contact Me Form
  3. Email Us

We pride ourselves on answering any queries you may have about water coolers/water delivery. If a contact me form is filled out on our website or an email is sent one of our customer service representatives will contact you within 24 hours, to help with the enquiry.

Details we need from you:

  • Name / Company Name
  • Address of invoice / Address of delivery
  • Email for invoice / Email for order
  • Phone Number
  • Contact Person
  • Payment Method – Card, over the phone or bank transfer
  • Order Details – water consumption, guidelines on how many bottles you will need depending on the number of people you have on the premises.
  • First Delivery Date

We will then confirm all details above and send you an email containing a Proforma invoice along with your contract so you can satisfy yourself with our Terms & Conditions. Once the proforma invoice is paid in full, a delivery date is scheduled in.

On the first scheduled delivery, one of our dedicated and friendly drivers will present himself and begin installing your water cooler in an appropriate and safe area agreed with you with a power supply nearby. If any accessories are purchased e.g. a box of 1000 cups, cup dispenser will also be installed onsite along with any other accessories.

Once the customer is happy with the water cooler in its agreed place the driver will need a signature confirming the delivery of the water cooler, water bottles and any accessories. A paper contract will also need a signature.

The customer and Water 2 You will have agreed how often they would like to be contacted regarding water delivery, weekly monthly or quarterly.

All invoices will be sent out on the last day of the month and are due on receipt.

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